A Second Welcome!

A Very Big Welcome To Everyone,jaidametto.com logo black

So for the last month or so I have been working to get this up and running. Let me tell you if you think getting up a little blog site is easy you have another thing coming. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of tools that make it easy but on the other side there is just a huge amount to learn and so many options. I have gone from WordPress to Joomla back to WordPress. I have played with multiple themes, widgets, plug ins to finally get what we have now at jaidametto.com.

If you haven’t visited the new site (You’re seeing this on one of my networks) please come along and check it out. Also “Like Me” on my professional Facebook page.

I have planned blog entries and I am going to make a huge effort to keep bringing you new content. What type of content? Well, you probably want to read my first ever post. Some of my posts won’t be for everyone but I really hope that you can get something out of it. I encourage everyone to join in and chat or even challenge me by leaving a comment. I should be big enough to admit when I’m wrong! :)

I would also like to thank Lance Knight and Gavin Tomlins for their assistance to me to get this up and running.

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