A “FUN”raiser – Gaming For Charity

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Hi All,Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

I have joined some friends to raise money for charity the only way we know how. By gaming!!!!

This weekend we will be holding a LAN (Local Area Network – A bunch of nerds will bring their computers together to play games) for 24 hours straight. During this time we will be playing all sorts of games and hopefully you can help out by just giving a little bit of money to the charity I have chosen. You can help out! Just click the button below and you can support me and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

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You should know that I am not going to be gaming for 24 hours straight… that’s just crazy. The LAN will be running for that long though.

How To Get Your Media Served

CD Media To Data

The History Of MediaCD Media To Data

From records to tapes, tapes to CD, CD to DVD & DVD to Blu-ray. These are physical forms of media storage that have been allowing consumers to get their hands on the best version (at the time) of their media desires. However in the background of this another type of media form has started. Since the late 90’s people around the world has started sending media to one another. This has opened up a world of opportunity for both the consumer and the media industries. I don’t think it is all good (I don’t condone illegally downloading materials) however it has made the TV/Film industry play catch up and push for same day releases for content. It has also reduced the time for movies to go from the cinema to DVD/Blu-ray. It also means that people can start to demand the higher quality of the media they purchase (otherwise why not just get the MP3).

I’m not too interested in physical media. There is a very large transition going on at the moment to live and offline streaming. TV’s now want an internet connection and as we push towards a more connective world we seem have a consumer push for both ease and demand. We want it now, we want it to be of quality production and we (are starting) to want it to be interactive.

We have seen the Kazaa and Napsters come and go. They have been attacked by industries that are trying to maintain their control over an archaic business model. Obviously these types of media sharing methods are gone. However to replace them we have iTunes, Pandora and Youtube. These solutions are all delivering on the premise that it is easy and on demand. The next generation will expect nothing less.

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Organisation – Mixing Business and IT (Part 2)

Get Organised!

Start From The StartGet Organised!

If you haven’t seen part 1 yet it can be found by clicking here. We looked at what organisation is and how to get your personal life in order. In this part we look specifically at how a business can get organised and what tools are avialable that make it a little easier.

Getting A Business Organised

As I mentioned before getting one person organised is difficult. Getting a business to be organised takes a huge amount of time and dedication. For this reason most businesses strive to maintain a Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM). Something that is an internal rule set that outlines how staff should conduct themselves and best provide the services required.

In good organisations making a PPM is not simply enough. It is an ever evolving document set that changes as the work environment does. This is a massive topic in itself and not something I’m tempted to tackle because I’m not a subject matter expert nor do I think my website has the bandwidth to hold all the detailed information required.

What I would like to explore is some simple methods I have used to improve the organisation of companies. Like most things these require planning and may not match all businesses but they should at least get you thinking about simple designs that improve the systems and process.

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