Organisation – Mixing business and IT (Part 1)

Get Organised!

What is Organisation?

Get Organised

“Organisation” can be defined as many different things, to describe a company, to describe a structure or to identify a body of people. But to be organised is something very different. Something that should come very simple is made difficult by the pace at which most people live their lives.

We all want “more time in our day”. This is something that isn’t technically possible but we strive for it almost every day. We are trying to make the most of our time and ensure that we aren’t wasting it away. What happens when we are talking about an organisation? How do we ensure we don’t have many people wasting their time on fruitless endeavours?

I don’t pretend to be an expert nor do I say that I have it all right in my own life but in these two posts I want to look at what can make an individual “organised” and then how to extend this into a company or organisation.

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How To Get A Real Exchange Log

Exchange 2007 logoSo time and time again I have staff come and tell me they didn’t receive an email or they sent something and the other person didn’t receive it. Obviously this takes it toll on an IT Administrator and you need to know how to check (or prove) what really happened to the email. In Exchange 2007 this can be a challenge and for something that should be a common request you will see that it takes a lot of time to resolve. This is my first technical post on my blog so for those not interested it’s time to tune out.

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I am now a VCP

I am very happy to announce that I am now a VMware Certified Professional (VCP). I recently achieved this qualification after sitting through a week of training at Brisbane and passing the VCP5 exam.VMware Certified Professional 5 Logo

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